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Compose a 750 words assignment on survey data analysis. Needs to be plagiarism free! Statistical Analysis of Employee Attitudes Executive Summary The current global business environment hasbecome quite competitive and for any organizations to have the all important competitive advantage it has to invest in its talents. There are many management theories on how to attract, motivate and retain employees but the most common approach is the contemporary school of thought which implies that there is no one method by a combination based on various circumstances. Therefore for an organization to lay down the most effective management strategy that would maximize their workforce they need to understand their workforce in regards to their attitudes, satisfaction, commitment levels, intention to stay and the environmental perspectives around the place of employment. This particular research shall look at a case scenario of about 400 employees of a firm and using statistical analysis to formulate a model that can be used to evaluate employee motivation. This model is important to the management since it would assist in the formulation of important decisions such as remuneration, working conditions, employment terms and others. A statistical modeling approach was adopted in which theoretical models of the factors that affect employee motivation are examined to find out their relationship. This is done by using statistical software Amos and SPSS. The software enables the researcher to find the coefficients of correlation matrix that would prove whether the various elements are correlated. The regression analysis enables the research to formulate and examine the hypothesis as to whether each of the examined factors is related or not related to each other. The factors being looked into were analyzed using a survey that was given to the employees that aimed to provide some quantitative feedback that would later be used in the analytical model that would be the final outcome. Before the analysis was done the data was first analyzed to find out its reliability using the statistical software SPSS. This process ensures that there variance between the data collected falls within the required acceptable range necessary to produce accurate results for modeling. Based on the data collected by the survey question, the data are then condensed into five basic elements that would be researched further in the modeling process. This involves merging various question and responses using the SPSS software. Once those figures establish a correlation matrix is then populated using the appropriate software. This then produces a table with correlation coefficient among the 5 variables that were highlighted in the research hypothesis and noted down. The next stage in the statistical analysis is to develop a structural equation model using the AMOS software. This is done with the help of coefficient figures got from the correlation matrix The Amos software was used to produce the structural equation model (SEM) that was utilized in coming up with the final model. Basically the software helps the research process by putting all the elements in perspective and analyzing how they relate to each other in the equation brought forward by the hypothesis. This software analysis therefore would assist in the prediction of the behavioral analysis of the elements in the model The research is arranged starting with an executive summary which briefly highlights the background and the problem that would be explored with the intention to solve it. The second part which is the technical report basically gives the basic procedure that was employed in data collection and analysis. It also gives a quantitative and a qualitative summary of the data analyzed and discusses their implications. The last part of the report discusses the report based on the statistical analysis and compares it with previous studies and research that have been conducted in the recent past. These comparisons are then put into perspective where several recommendations can be made to the management of the company. In conclusion, it was noted that there was a significant difference in the attitudes of employees based on their characteristics. A good example is that women had significantly different attitudes and beliefs towards the firm as compared to their male counterparts. Also the age difference also affected the perceptions and attitudes towards the firm and therefore the employee motivation to work in the firm. In general the motivations of the employee positively correlated with their intention to stay with the firm .This implies that those employees that wanted to stay longer were generally more productive. This particular research shall go a long way in explaining the phenomena regarding employee’s intention to stay at a particular workplace. This is because employee retention is key in business organization as it greatly impacts the profitability of a firm in that it cost quite a significant amount of money to keep on employing new employees and training them to perform the functions that were performed by employees that leave a particular firm. From this research it can be noted that employees can be motivated internally using both intrinsic and extrinsic reward. The model formed shows that the employee’s intention to stay is not a fixed variable but can change according to various other factors that are in play as stipulated in the discussions in this research paper.

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