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Compose a 1250 words assignment on is money the most important thing. Needs to be plagiarism free! There is a lot of important stuff you can engage in rather than thinking of cash every time. Take, for instance, years back, our parents and grandparents would spend most of their time with their family members. And because of the closeness and rapport stroked between the stay of people in this society, they were able to educate each other on character, various virtues, and how to live in unity in the world. However, in this generation, people, more so the youths, value so much money in life.

Money a secondary need, and it is power. It is important, and with it, people can buy several things and items in life. For instance, you need to purchase an estate. with cash, your wish and dream will come to a reality. However, with no money, then the dreams of several people will be shattered. Do you need that car of your dream? Money is the key. The fact is that with no cash, no one will live to be healthy and wealthy. You will be full of ups and downs in life. As much as we say, cash is a secondary need. it is useful in giving persons basic needs in life. Take, for instance, it can be used to buy shelter, food, clothing, and personal hygiene products. However, everyone has his perception of cash. To you, you might view money as the most important thing ever, but for another person, money might be considered to be a by the way. As long as there is enough food to cater for both you and your loved ones, shelter to accommodate both of you, there is power, and a means of transport, then there is no need to worry in life. However, the question is, will you afford all these without enough money?

Yes, you have every important thing you need in life to survive in this world. for example, food, shelter, and clothing. However, there are a lot of things that people still require. Recreation and fun, to name a few. Success is not a bed of roses. you need to work extra hard and toil to get the good things you desire. Have you ever tried questioning yourself whether it would be possible for people to pay and offsetting their bills and debts with no cash? Let us face the fact. this won’t be possible. Secondly, assume your child gets sick, how would you cater to her hospital bill with no money. And even if you have an insurance card, remember you pay for the card monthly using money. These are some questions, not rhetoric questions, but will keep on crisscrossing your mind for you to find a clear and concise solution to it. You are the determinant and answer to all the questions. Failure to finding a clear answer, all these will keep on haunting you in life.

You may continue being adamant that cash is not essential for you and your family. But time will come when you will need help or donations. Are you aware that these donations will come in the form of money? And that is why if you ask many people, they will still insist that money is an important aspect of life, and indeed it is.

Money is important to people in various ways. For instance, you might need money because you want to live a comfort and luxurious life. However, someone somewhere may be in dire need of cash because s/he believes that with enough money, the doors to learning will be opened hence success in bettering the career in education. As stated earlier, education is important, it is the key to success and a socio-equalizer, but you need to pay fees in the form of money to be offered with the learning services.

I once interacted with some people, and they were very curious about what money is. Money is power, and with influence, people can access any important things they need. To begin with, with money, you can further your studies to any academic level. you can attend any educational institution and hospital you wish. Also, you will manage to buy you and your family members any apartment anywhere you want to. Even though money is not everything, it comes with power and can buy any important thing you will need in this life. Have you ever known that not everyone needs money to be rich, some people need money to get the minimum things live worthily? Considering that money is important for us to have a good life, it does not give people happiness. And if you ask “is money the most important thing? essay, the response will always be positive.

Besides looking for money to get comfort, people also need money to gain control. That is a perception that most people have developed that money is important in case they need power. Most people already have this formed opinion that cash can solve all problems in life. There is no need to exhaust yourself looking for excess money that will not be of much importance to you. Why don’t you be contented with the little you have, work to be successful, and make yourself and your family happy? In case you are not aware, most people who have dedicated a lot of their time looking for money tend to have little time with their loved ones.

As one is growing up, it is important to educate that person to appreciate whatever little they might have, the importance, and challenges that come with valuing money a lot in this present world. Only a few people may deny the importance of money in life. Money comes with different controversies. some believe it can buy everything while others think money is the source of problems and challenges in life. From my perception, money is important, but I do not need much. As long as I get enough to cater to my family needs, I am satisfied. Why live a life that is meaningless with no endeavor for no reason?

Let us again face reality. The money will never buy happiness. neither can it buy love. However, it is important to make our stay in this world comfortable. With no money, you may end up being a homeless beggar. But with a little money, you cannot fail to better your life. All you need is to learn the tips on how to handle and invest. You do not need a lot of money to be successful in life. all you need is knowledge and self-awareness.

Money is among the best important things in life. It will be quite difficult to make both ends meet without money. You need money to buy food, to shelter, and to get dressed. You need to go to school, and there are several personal requirements which you need money to get. Even though money can never buy life, but it can better your health. How is this possible? You will be able to pay for any hospital wherever you need, any doctor, and go for the top-notch technologies, unlike for people with little or no money.

As we conclude, money is an insatiable secondary need that helps us access basic needs. Its value keeps on appreciating daily. Therefore, in case you are working tirelessly to earn a lot of cash, then you have to be updated on the value of money. In the current generation, someone’s success is determined by the amount of money and investments. Money is important. it can make you famous, give you several friends, and give you every beauty the world comes with. However, as much as we are working tirelessly to get money and be rich, we should always remember to have enough time with our family.



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