Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Concept and Comparison Analysis Across Theories.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Concept and Comparison Analysis Across Theories. For example, the life of human beings and the whole universe revolves around these concepts. In my opinion, human being is an incorporated whole composed of internal psychological, physical and social nature with differing degrees of ability of self care. Humanity is a real or substantial unity whose parts attain perfection and are formed through differentiation during the development process. Human beings are able to reflect and use symbols. On the other hand, health and healthy describes the state of the living things. This is a state of well being including the condition of a person identified by pleasure, contentment, and happiness among others (Jim, 2010). Nursing as a concept is an art in which the nursing practitioner provides a specialized assistance to people with disabilities who need help in order to attain their daily requirements of self care. Finally, environment in my opinion is the surrounding of patients that may impact on their ability to carry out their self care activities. This may include dimensions such as chemical, physical, biological features and socio-economical features. The later include atmosphere, weather, pollutants, infectious organisms and pests, while the former may include community, family, gender and gender roles, cultural prescriptions of authority, and cultural roles (Potter & Perry, 1992). According to Martha Rodgers in her 1970 book, ” The Theoretical Basis of Nursing”, human beings are seen as seen as open energy field possessing a distinct and unique life experiences. Just like energy field, human beings are much different from and greater than the sum of their parts and cannot be anticipated from the knowledge of their parts. Human beings are dynamic, unique, multidimensional, and sentient capable of creativity, abstract reasoning, self responsibility and aesthetic appreciation. Humans are valued persons, nurtured, respected and understand and make informed choices concerning their health. Martha Rodgers considers dimensions such as biological, spiritual, psychological, intellectual, and socio-cultural dimensions as stages of human development because they affect the health and behavior of human beings (Rodgers, 1970). Environment, according to nursing theorists, is a geography and landscape of human social experience. She considers environment as a context or setting of experience as a daily life and consists of variations in time, space and quality. This human geography includes social, global, personal, national and beyond. Martha asserts that environment also entails societal values, beliefs, customs, mores and expectations. The environment is like an energy field in the mutual process with the energy field of human and is understood as an arena where by the client of nursing encounters caring relationships, aesthetic beauty, threats to wellness, and lived health experiences. The environmental dimensions that may impact on health include psychosocial, physical, historical, cultural, political, economical and developmental processes and aspects of the social world (Gunther, 2011). In nursing theorist perspective, health is a dynamic process. She describes health as the synthesis of illness and wellness defined by the nursing client perception of the across the life span. The view of health concentrates on the whole nature of the client in social, moral, physical, and aesthetic realms.

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