Choose two scenarios from the list below. For each scenario, answer the following questions. What are the conflicting responsibilities?What principles in the NAEYC Ethical Code of Conduct are applicab

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Choose two scenarios from the list below. For each scenario, answer the following questions.

  1. What are the conflicting responsibilities?
  2. What principles in the NAEYC Ethical Code of Conduct are applicable when addressing the conflict?
  3. What course of action would you take to address this issue?
  4. What might be the outcome of your actions? How might your actions affect the parties involved?

Posts must be done on 2 different days for full credit. In your comments, compare how you viewed the the ethical conflict and strategies for resolution.

  1. You plan developmentally appropriate lessons that incorporate play to develop your pre-k students’ cognitive, social, and linguistic skills based on TEA’s Pre-k guidelines. A parent calls you to tell you that she feels that the rigor is not high enough and requests that you send home worksheets with her child.
  2. The teacher next door has been late to school several times in the last three weeks. You have to cover her class and your class for the first few minutes of the morning. You are struggling to monitor both classes effectively.
  3. Eva, a student in your class, has parents that are separated. You are used to working with her mom. She has let you know several times that they disagree on parenting styles. Her dad reaches out to you to schedule a time that he can come observe Eva in class.
  4. John was bitten by another student in the class. John’s parents are very upset when you report this to them. They want to know what consequences the other kid is getting at school and what the parents said when you reported the incident to them.
  5. Jake’s mom emailed you to tell you that her car broke down and she doesn’t have transportation to bring Jake home from school for the next few days. She asks you if you can bring him home until the car is fixed.
  6. You are a teacher of emergent bilingual students. You teach a portion of the daily curriculum in the students’ native language. Another teacher asks you when your kids are going to learn English. She asks this in front of one of your students and family.

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