210 100 words response to this classmate Michelle Stroupe DB #2 five major areas that I would cover

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100 words response to this classmate

DB #2

major areas that I would cover would be:
would cover hearing first simply because babies ears are very sensative
especially newborns. Being so small they can ear infections alot easier than if
they were older. Me personally I get ear infections all the time because my
parents smoked around me, I had tubes in my ears T 18 MONTHS old. I would do
seeing next because newborns can’t see much of anything after they are born,
sometimes they can see bright colors but they cant see anything else until they
are at least 3 months old.Next I would do touching simply because babies like
to feel soft things and as they get older they start to feel other things some
that are soft and some that tougher/rougher than other things. The texture is
what they like the most and sometimes they dont like certain things. The next
thing I would do is tasting because from the time that babies are born they are
drinking formula. As they get older you start to wen the babies off the formula
and try to get them to drink milk sometimes certain types of milk make
babies sick because they are allergic to it. The next step is to start giving
them baby food but some children are picky and won’t eat certain foods because
they don’t like the taste of certain food. Some babies perfer carrots ove peas.
I would do smelling last because smell doesn’t really matter to them
until they get older because when they are young they don’t really care about
smells and smells don’t bother them as much as it does when they are seven and
older. Psalm 136 is good passage to read as you are trying to explain certain
things because it talks about the Love of the Lord and not only but it mentions
about Pharoh struck down all the firstborn of Egypt but it mentions that God’s
love is still steadfast. The Ho

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