Hello, this is “introduction to web development class.” Create a folder on your hard disk, name the

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Hello, this is “introduction to web development class.” Create a folder on your hard disk, name the folderlastname_firstname_assignment1. Save all the files from thisassignment in this folder. Question 1 (40 points)

Create a new file folder lastname_firstname_assignment1. Keepcreated files in this folder. (3 points)

Create your personal homepage using “’s personalhomepage” as the page title. (2 points)

Save the page as index.htm. (2 points)

Be sure the page contains the following:

1. The web page content must be related to you. (-100 points ifnot)

2. Has at least 3 paragraphs (p tags). (2 points each, 6points)

3. Has three headers using (any h1 to h6 tags, examples: hobbies,ambitions, etc.). (2 points each, 6 points)

4. Use em (or i) and strong (or b) tags in a paragraph (p tag) andbr tag for a break. (2 points each, 8 points)

5. Use address and blockquote tags. (2 points each, 4 points)

6. Add at least six hyperlinks (four are related to Question 2). (2points each, 12 points, links must work)

7. Display at least two images. (2 points each, 4 points)

8. Show at least two special characters or symbols like ®. (2points each, 4 points)

Check http://www.w3schools.com/charsets/ref_html_symbols.asp forthe list of symbols.

9. Create a css file named style.css to format index.htm andprovide a basic layout. Use css comments to document the cssprogram. (3 points)

10. Use HTML comments to identify the author, the course code, andthe program date. Use HTML comments to document the program. (3points each, 6 points) Question 2 (60 points)

Keep all created files in the same file folderlastname_firstname_assignment1. (3 points)

Create your personal web pages. The page titles must include, along with a description relevant to the page.In other words, the page titles must have your first name and yourlast name. (2 points)

1. The content of the web pages must be related to you. (-100points if not)

2. You should create at least 4 pages (example: hobbies, ambitions,etc.). Create hyperlinks from the homepage (Question 1, index.htm)for each of these 4 pages and a link back to the homepage. (-4points for each missing page, -1 point for each missing link, 20points)

3. Use meaningful file names for these 4 pages. No blanks (whitespaces), no special characters in the file names. (2 points foreach page name, 8 points)

4. The hyperlink from the homepage to the other pages should becontained in an unordered list. (3 points)

5. One page should contain a nested ordered list. (2 points)

6. Each page should have an image (you may search the web forappropriate images but note the copyright of using them). (2 pointseach, 8 points)

2 CSCI 3300

7. Update the css file style.css (Question 1), and use it to formatthe 4 pages. You may also create new css files to format these 4pages (it is your choice). Use text, font, color, and backgroundproperties. Create styles for the nested list as well. Use csscomments to document the css program. (2 points each, 12 points; 3points for css comments)

8. Use HTML comments to identify the author, the course code, andthe program date. Use HTML comments to document the program. (3points each, 6 points) Important:

1. If you do not put / inthe above mentioned fields (as shown in the examples), you will get0 points for the question(s).

2. No two students should submit webpages with exactly the samecode, or same content, or same layout, or same color combination.If found, both students will get 0 points.

3. When you view page source in a web browser, must be at the top of every html page. In other words, allhtml pages must be written in HTML5. (-20 points if not)

4. All html files must pass html validation athttp://validator.w3.org/ without any error/warning (with only 2warnings). (-2 points for each error/warning, 2 warningsallowed)

5. All css files must pass css validation athttp://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ without any error/warning. (-2points for each error/warning)

6. If your html file contains any css component, your html filemust pass both html validation (3 above), and css validation (4above) without any error.

7. Document (comment) your html files (), css files(/* */), and JavaScript files (/* */). Submission instructions:

Use notepad++ to create the document(s). You need to test the abovedocument(s) in your web browser. Do a screen capture(s) of therelated browser output. Use any graphic editing software (e.g.Microsoft Paint, Adobe Fireworks, GIMP, or Microsoft ExpressionDesign etc) to cut out the browser output (from the screencapture), paste them into a word document under a related questionnumber, save the document as a pdf file. You need to submit the following:

1. A pdf file containing the screen capture(s) of the web browseroutput (all html pages) and the screen capture(s) of all htmlvalidation results (from http://validator.w3.org/) and cssvalidation results (from http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/), namethe file lastname_firstname_assignment01.pdf. (missing: -50 points;other file format: -10 points)

2. All html file(s), css file(s) and other related file (e.g. imagefiles). Zip your file folder into a single zip file (or rar file)lastname_firstname_assignment01.zip. (no zip: -10 points)

Please submit an electronic copy (the above mentioned two files:.pdf and .zip) to D2L digital dropbox. (pdf in zip as one file: -3points) Grading guidelines (programming questions):

Your programs will be judged on several criteria, which are shownbelow.

• Correctness (50%): Does the program compile (run) correctly? Doesthe program do what it’s supposed to do?

• Design (20%): Are operations broken down in a reasonable way(e.g. classes and methods)?

• Style (10%): Is the program indented properly? Do variables havemeaningful names?

• Robustness (10%): Does the program handle erroneous or unexpectedinput gracefully?

• Documentation (10%): Do all program files begin with a commentthat identifies the author, the course code, and the program date?Are all the classes, methods and data fields clearly documented(commented)? Are unclear parts of code documented (commented)?(Some items mentioned may not apply to some languages)

A program that does not compile (run) will get at most 50% of thepossible points. Attached


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