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I have enclosed the material that needs the application of 100% correct APA style.Meaning, the content stays exactly as is, just apply APA style to the given Reference sheet in order of either author or title. The same goes for the direct quotation and how it should be cited in APA as a “in-text.” # 3 is how a paraphrased statement should be cited APA as “in-text”.

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REFERENCES Articles: “Is Business Ethics Getting Better? A Historical Perspective” By: Cuilla, Joanne B. Business Ethics Quarterly. Article published in 2011. Volume 21:2 (April 2011), ISSN 1052-150X, pp.335-343 Accessed: 07/22/2012, HYPERLINK “http://site.ebrary.lb-proxy6.touro.edu” http://site.ebrary.lb-proxy6.touro.edu “The Place of Ethics in Business: A Case Study of Locke’s Ethics.” Ochulor, Chinenye Leo. , & Okpo, Odumayak. Published in 2010, European Journal of Scientific Research, ISSN 1450-216X, Vol. 44 No. 3 (2010), pp.477-484 Euro Journals Publishing, Inc. 2010 Accessed: 07/23/2012, HYPERLINK “http://site.ebrary.lb-proxy6.touro.edu” http://site.ebrary.lb-proxy6.touro.edu McGowan, Richard J.; McGowan, Tyler R. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, vol. 8 (3) 2011. Accessed 07/24/2012 HYPERLINK “http://site.ebrary.lb-proxy6.touro.edu” http://site.ebrary.lb-proxy6.touro.edu Books Business Ethics, authored by Gavai, A. K. Mumbai, IND. 2010, pp. 119-124, Accessed 07/25/2012, HYPERLINK “http://site.ebrary.com.lb-proxy6.touro.edu/lib/touto/docDetail.action?docID=10415502” http://site.ebrary.com.lb-proxy6.touro.edu/lib/touto/docDetail.action?docID=10415502 , LC Call Number: HF5387–.G382010eb, chapter 7 Rosenthal, Sandra B.; Buchholz, Rogene A. Rethinking Business Ethics: A Pragmatic Approach. Cary, NC, USA: Oxford University Press, 1999. Chapter 5, Part II, p 74 HYPERLINK “http://site.ebrary.com/lib/touro/Doc?id=10085452&ppg=89” http://site.ebrary.com/lib/touro/Doc?id=10085452&ppg=89 Accessed 07/24/2012 Cite in-text direct quotation APA style Article 1 References As stated in Joanne B. Ciulla’s article in Business Ethics Quarterly 2011: As the Enlightenment philosopher Charles-Louis de Secondat Montesquieu notes, “It is almost a general rule, that wherever we find agreeable manners, there commerce flourishes; and whenever there is commerce, there we meet with agreeable manners.” Article 2 References In the…


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