A composite Ivan is formed of a 2.5-cm copper plate, a 3.2-mm laver of asbestos, and a 5-an layer… 1 answer below »

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1. A composite Ivan is formed of a 2.5-cm copper plate, a 3.2-mm laver of

asbestos, and a 5-an layer offiberglass. The wall is subjected to an overall

temperature difference of 560sc. Calculate the heat-flow per unit area

through the composite structure. The thermal conductivities of copper.

asbestos and fiberglass am 386. 0.16 and 0.038117m “c respectively.

2. A wall 2 cm thick is to be constructed from material. which has an average

thermal conductivic• of 1.3 117m “c. The wan is to be insulated with material

having an average thermal conductivity of 0.35 117m °c. so that the heat lost

per square meter will not exceed 1830 W Assuming that the inner and outer

surface temperature of the insulation wall are 1300 and 30°c. Calculate the

thickness of insulation required.

3. One side of copper block S cm thick maintained at 260°c. The other side is

covered with a layer offiberglass 2.5 cm thick. The outside of the fiberglass

is maintained at 38°r. and the total heat flow through the copper-fiberglass

combination is 44 k11: nut is the area of the slab? The thermal

conductivities of copper and fiberglass are 386 and 0.038 117m K


4. A fiancee wall consists of 250 mm firebrick. 125 mm insulating brick, mud 250

mm building brick. The inside wall is at a temperature of 600″c and the

atmospheric temperature is 20″c. Calculate the heat loss per tn1 of wall

area and the temperature of the outside wall surface of the furnace. The

heat transfer coefficient for the outside surface is 10 117a and the

thermal conductivities of the firebrick. insulating brick and the building

brick are 1.4. 0.2 and 0.711’/m K. respectively.


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