Compare and critically analyse any THREE project management methodologies/bodies of knowledge…. 1 answer below »

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You are to assume that it is 15th of Sep 2018, the Monday of the first week of the project. While the project team is being formed, the Project Manager asks you

to prepare a 1500 (+/-10%) word report to be with him on 30

th April 2020 and which he can use to brief Bucks Students’ Union board and other senior managers

of the University. The assignment tasks as follows – see the next page (pg.3)

The title of the report is ‘Bucks Students’ Union Music Festival case study’

Task 1


Internal approval:

External approval:

1) Compare and critically analyse any THREE project management methodologies/bodies of knowledge. Your analysis should consider the advantages

and disadvantages of using these project management methodologies/bodies of knowledge in contemporary global projects. [30 marks]

Task 2

2) Develop a network diagram manually, AS TAUGHT (activities on arrows) clearly showing the relationship between all the activities listed above, the

dependencies, the likely duration for each activity, the likely completion date (expected total project time). Calculate the earliest starting time, the latest

starting time (EST,LST) and the earliest finishing time and latest finishing time (EFT, LFT) for each activity including an outline description of the critical

path, highlighting the critical activities and the shortest possible time in days in which the project can be completed as scoped above (give reasons for

your choice). [40 marks]

Task 3

3) Undertake a stakeholder analysis for this project. This should clearly identify internal and external stakeholder, group stakeholders according to their

interest and power i.e. stakeholder management matrix, communication strategies, Using the activity list above, develop a clearly numbered Work

Breakdown Structure (WBS) for this music festival [20 marks]

Task 4

You are required to prepare a Risk Analysis for FIVE different risks that could affect your project. Analyse the risks involved and develop strategies for dealing

with them. Present your Risk Analysis and Risk Management strategies/mitigations in the form of a table, AS TAUGHT, accompanied by a commentary of not

more than 500 words. [10 marks]


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