Activity 1: Math Review Using the review in the Module Instructions that you downloaded in the

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Activity 1: Math Review

Using the review in the Module Instructions that you downloaded in the Task, work with a partner to review multiplication and division.

Be sure you investigate using both methods.

Activity 2: Scaling Things!

With your team, check out this recipe on for the “World’s Best Lasagna.” Mama Cuchina, the owner of the food truck “Cuchina’s Chuchina” is planning on using this recipe to serve to guests at the fair.

World’s Best Lasagna?

It even has a handy little feature that will adjust the serving size for you. How neat is that?! Notice that the original recipe is for 12 servings. If we wanted 24 servings, all of the ingredients double. Try out the little tool feature to verify this.

So what exactly is this tool doing? If we know that, then we can apply the same trick to our personal recipes (or our grandma’s recipe, whatever).

Choose a recipe, one of your own or off the Internet, and scale it up for 5 times as many people.

Activity 3: Using Proportions

One thing that the tool in Activity 2 could be doing is using proportions to find the ingredient quantities. For instance, say that we wanted 50 servings of lasagna, instead of the original 12 servings. We could find out how much Italian sausage is needed for these servings by setting up a proportion.

With your group work through the proportions in the workbook.

Once you work through the practice example, make up some numbers of your own to challenge each other.

Activity 4: Using Fraction Multiplication

Multiplying by fractions is the way to go if you really want to scale a recipe up or down. The trick is finding what’s called the conversion factor. Work through the instructions and example of using Fraction Multiplication in the workbook.

Project Assignment:

Your assignment now is to determine how to divide up the remainder of the space for the concessions. Based on the initial plan you designed in the Task, you will finalize your plan for how much space is left after the parking, and how much each concession type will take. You will use multiplying and dividing of fractions to complete this task. Here are the step-by-step instructions to help you complete this task:

  1. List the major categories of concessions. For example, food, games, rides, animals, exhibits, etc. You can have as many categories as you like but remember your space. You should have a minimum of 4 different categories.
  2. Now decide how much space you want to give each one. Represent this in a fraction of the whole space. So if you decide to divide your space up into six different areas, you will need to decide which areas get more space. For example, food might get half of a 1/6 space and rides twice as much. How will you determine what fractional part each gets? All of the areas cannot be the same size. NOTE: for this task, omit the parking area from your calculations.
  3. Lay out your concession areas on the graph of your entire space.
  4. Show you work how you determined what fractional part of the whole is dedicated to each concession category.
  5. Label your areas with the fraction of the entire space and their name.

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