MA101 Consumer Math (03-MAY-17 – 27-JUN-17 [18630]) Course Home PageCourse Study GuideAnnouncementsInstructor InformationSupplemental MaterialSyllabusHelpCourse ContentAsk the Instructor: Asynchronous Office HoursWeek 1 “Bank Records”Week 2 “Discounts”We

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MA101 Consumer Math (03-MAY-17 – 27-JUN-17 [18630])

  • Course Home Page
  • Course Study Guide
  • Announcements
  • Instructor Information
  • Supplemental Material
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  • Course Content

  • Ask the Instructor: Asynchronous Office Hours
  • Week 1 “Bank Records”
  • Week 2 “Discounts”
  • Week 3 “Interest”
  • Week 4 “Credit and Loans”
  • Week 5 “Earnings”
  • Week 6 “Taxes”
  • Week 7 “Financial Statements”
  • Week 8 “Final”
  • Discussions
  • My Grades

Week 5 “Earnings”


  • Getting Started – This Week’s Activites

  • W5 Reading

  • W5 Lecture “Case Study”

  • W5 Video Lecture “Pay and Taxes”

  • W5 Discussion “Credit Cards”

    Consumer Math

    Credit Cards

    Sharese thinks that it is about time for her to get a credit card. She would like to buy a car in the not-too-distant future and knows that she needs to establish a credit history. She has received several offers in the mail and has downloaded offers from several card companies from card websites. As she reviews the various offers, she finds that the process of evaluating cards is more complicated than she expected.

    To help her out please answer the following questions:

    1. What questions should a consumer ask before accepting a credit card?
    2. What are the advantages of building a good credit history?
    3. What are the disadvantages of having access to credit?

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