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 What is (2+y)³ written out?

8 + 12y + 6y² + y³

6 + 8y + 4y² + y³

2. What’s the name of the expansion you could use to work out the answer to the previous question?



3. Which plot represents y=9ˣ?

4. Which equation would you find to solve 9ˣ=15 for x?

x = ln(15)/ln(9)

x = ln(15/9)

5. Line AB has the equation 3x – 4y + 5 = 0. Point (p, p+2) lies on line AB. What is the value of p?



6. What is the gradient of line AB from the previous question?



7. Express √48 in the form n√3, where n is an integer.



8. A geometric series has first term 80 and common ratio 1/2. What are the next two terms?

40 and 20.

160 and 320.

9. A circle sector OAB has angle 0.8 radians. What is arc length AB?

 AQA / Via



10. What would you use to find the approximate area of an integral between certain limits?

Trapezium rule.

Pythagoras’ theorem.

11. What function does this plot represent?



12. A curve has parametric equations x = 8e⁻²ᵗ – 4 and y = 2e²ᵗ + 4. What is dx/dt?

dx/dt = -4e⁻²ᵗ

dx/dt = -16e⁻²ᵗ

13. Using the same equations (x = 8e⁻²ᵗ – 4 and y = 2e²ᵗ + 4) what is dy/dt?

dy/dt = 4e²ᵗ

dy/dt = 4eᵗ

14. When you have two parametric equations, what’s the name of the rule you can use to work out dy/dx?

Substitution rule

Chain rule

15. Using the previous equations, what is dy/dx?

dy/dx = -¼e⁴ᵗ


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