MT460 Purdue Unit 5 Leadership vs Management Strategic Decision Making Discussion

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This week, you will construct a response to two (or more) of your fellow learners based on their Unit 4 Discussion Assignment essay. Your correspondence must meet the following criteria:

  • Evaluate the Discussion Assignment essay written by two of your fellow learners posted on the Unit 4 Discussion Board. Create a written response (250 word minimum) debating the facts related to leading and managing business strategy.
  • Identify the pro’s of your fellow learner’s assessment of the difference between leading and managing strategy.
  • Using a minimum of one peer-reviewed research resource in each answer response to build on the knowledge in your fellow learner’s essay.
  • Identify the con’s of your fellow learner’s assessment of leading or managing strategy.
  • Using a minimum of one peer-reviewed research resource, explain the strategy concepts your fellow learner might have missed covering the topics of leading or managing strategy in their essay.

Examine the breakdown of this Unit 5 Discussion grade using the grading rubric.


Thesis Statement

Leadership and management can exist separately yet work best together. Leaders formulate the vision, create relationships based on trust and respect which embody the company with an outline for success. (Zimmerman) Management receives the communicated goals and expectations so it can empower the employees to carry out and fulfill leaderships vision. Leaders create the overall vision; how, who, why it is the manager that oversee the day to day in action and ensure there are no gaps or disconnects. Keeping the moral up, ensuring tasks are completed and executed. Reporting is done to be able to measure, if modifications are needed managers communicate to leadership for additional direction and change. Successful leadership must work closely with management for quality information, making sure the right people are doing the right things.


Leadership requires clear vision, integrity, honesty, passion, authenticity, great communication skills and competence (Kilbort). Educated and sometimes fearful people who want ultimate success for an organization by; creating strong teams, standards, values, business policies and procedure beneficial to day to day operations that implement change and problem solving designed for an organizations success.

Management- Management should be viewed as universal connector for operational needs of the organization (Susca) Individuals in charge of teams or departments who manage employee culture and communication to ensure the vision is carried out to benefit the organization.

Management is the vehicle that drives the vision of leadership. Management works with the employee keeping the culture blended and making sure the people on the team can carry out the tasks. If in the instance of downsizing to save cost and having teams work efficiently leaders depend on management to communicate who should be let, go. Management should be working with teams not just dictating tasks. Great managers need to be able to work with diversity and know the work force is changing (Kilbort) This entails working with people and being involved so they do not feel like a number and have loyalty to the organization for maximum performance.

Leaders decide when to change structure to create efficiency, management carries out the vision with the employees to ensure changes are successful. Again, leadership sets the values and standards for the organization. Managers are expected to manager their areas to accomplish the goals.


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