HPS3320 Florida State Kinsey Film & Entanglement of Social Values Discussion

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  1. (1) You must include a discussion of one of the following films: Kinsey, Bladerunner, Dr. Strangelove, GATTACA, or WALL E
  2. (2) Fully explain the nature of the connection between social values and science in your central example.
  3. (3) Fully explain whether this connection is problematic or not. A good answer will consider whether it is possible to keep social values out of the sciences, and whether it is desirable to do so.
  4. (4) Begin with a short introduction including a thesis statement clearly outlining what you will be arguing in the paper.
  5. (5) Do not use quotes (stick to paraphrasing). Cite all sources used (except the film).
  6. (6) 1000 words. 12 point font. Double spacing.


  1. (1) As always, this is not an opinion paper; it is an argument paper. Leave your personal beliefs


  1. (2) There are a great many possible (and acceptable) answers to this prompt. What matters

most is not the specific answer you give, but the justifications you give for your claims.


  1. (1) Keep things as concise as possible. Donʼt use fluff, and donʼt repeat yourself too much.

Important note:

Remember that this is an argument piece, NOT an opinion piece. Leave your own personal beliefs out of this paper. You might actually believe that Bryan is right, but you still need to argue that he is wrong.

Writing style:

This paper is an ‘argumentative’ paper, meaning that you are to make a claim and defend it by giving reasons. The basic format of an argumentative paper follows a 3 part pattern. In the first part, you outline your position and give reasons for why you hold it, in the second you respond with what someone on the other side of issue might plausibly say, and in the third part you respond to this response with reasons for why you think it is either wrong or how it doesn’t damage your argument.

Basic Pattern: Position – Counter Position – Response

You can think of it like a conversation, where you say something, then they say something, and then you say something in response.

When it comes to the second part, it’s important to not make a simple ‘strawman’ argument. Be charitable and outline a position that it’s likely a lot of people really hold.

Make sure that you’re not simply stating your beliefs and not justifying them with reasons. What really matters isn’t whatyou believe but whyyou believe it.

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