Artificial Intelligence Impact on Strategy Position and Supply Chain Paper

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Position Paper on AI Impact on Strategy

Individual assignment, 5 pages and APA required

Take a position, assess and argue. Support your argument with data, information, expert perspectives from the readings.

Based on the readings, class discussion and any other materials you desire, please write a position paper that reflects your assessment of the strategic impact that AI in Supply Chain. Some potential topics that you may consider for focusing your paper are: workforce planning, innovation, investment in technology, competing in the age of AI, privacy issues, other?

Note that the best approach will be to focus on one area (not all of these that I am suggesting above), take a position, assess and argue. Be sure to include some strategic recommendations. Also, be sure to support your assessment and arguments with data, information, expert perspectives based on the readings and/or other materials. Cite properly. Please use the link below and the attached documents for reference and citations, no outside sources.

Niu, B., & Zou, Z. (2017). Better Demand Signal, Better Decisions? Evaluation of Big Data in a Licensed Remanufacturing Supply Chain with Environmental Risk Considerations. Risk Analysis, 37(8), 1550-1565.

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