Future Opportunities and Behavioral Interview Questions Writing Paper

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1.Select a list of 15 behavioral interview questions. Write the question first and then write your response to the question. At least 10 of the questions must be behavioral questions. Remember your answer must include an example of a situation, how you handled the situation (your role) and what was the result (outcome or learning). Use examples that demonstrate your abilities. Behavioral questions are asked in interviews because the answers are indicators of how you will handle similar situation as an employee of the future employer.

2.Write a one page single spaced paper discussing your career goals and objectives for after graduation, five years from graduation and ten years from graduation. Include the additional training you need for each of the goals or jobs.

3. Ethical Reasoning is reasoning about right and wrong human conduct. This assignment requires students to be able to assess their own ethical values and the social context of problems, recognize an ehtical delima, think about how different ethical perspectives might be applied to ethical dilemmas and consider the consequences of actions. Students’ ethical self identity evolves as they practice ethical decision-making skills and learn how to describe and analyze positions on ethical issues. This rubric is intended to help faculty evaluate work sample and collection of work that demonstrate student learning about ethics. Courtesy of AAC&U: http://aacu.org/value/index.cfm
Assignment: The student will write a 1-2 page single-spaced journal reflecting on an ethical situation they encountered on the job or in the classrom. The student will describe the situation, the players in the situation, their role, the choices they had in responding to the situation, their decision or action and the outcome of the decision. They will reflect on the situation and discuss whether today they would make the same decision

4.Research companies that you would like to know more about. Interview the person in the department in which you would like to work. (Do not ask for a job) Ask questions about a typical day, what they like most about their job and the company and what they like the least. Ask about the culture of the company, and the organizational structure as it relates to the department. Ask if they have advice for a new graduate. Follow the additional directions discussed in class. Wrtie a double-spaced two- to three-page paper reflecting on the interview including the results of the discussion.Discuss what you learned from the interview.

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