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for this assignment respond to alexandra with 200 words :

When G.E. Moore states that “goodness” is a specific quality that attaches to people or acts he means that it is not a tangible thing that exists independently with reality. It is not something one can see, feel, touch, or hear. It is not something that is universally true the way science is independently true regardless of how one feels about it. Moore means that the interpretation of something being “good” is relative to the person who is defining the thing or action.

I believe he is correct in his claim. One person may, for example, may think that feeding homeless people is the right thing because they were once struggling and hungry and feels no one should be subjected to there. Another person may think that giving the homeless free handouts will actually hurt them in the long run and that the truly good thing to do would be interview and job training so they may be able to provide for themselves. This individual may have escaped poverty by working very hard to climb up the economic ladder.

As one can ascertain, their individual assessments of what was good were based on their own personal experiences, therefore goodness attaching to it.

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