Sociology and Genre Communicates Ideas at The Movies Assigment

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This is the presentation part of the Movie Review Assignment and is a group assignment. Your group will take your papers and create a PowerPoint or Prezi that you will present to the class. This should be about a 7-10-minute presentation. You will begin your presentations with a trailer from one of your movies and will spend the rest of your presentation focusing on how the genre communicates ideas about society, and your groups assessment of these ideas.

The focus of the presentation will be functionalist in nature; what do movies, specifically your genre, do for society; how do they socialize us into thinking, acting and believing in certain ways? You may select between two and five “lessons” that can be learned from these types of movies. As a group (group think!), you will discuss the sociological concepts you analyzed in your papers and then you will collectively select five concepts to work with for the presentation. Be sure to use specific examples; you can include examples from multiple movies and each concept should support the main- focus of your presentation. Feel free to be creative with this presentation. You can include class participation activities as part of the presentation.

This is a group project but you, as a group, can chose to work collectively or assigned to individuals to be presented as a group. You will have the class period on April 18th to work on the presentations (we will not have class that day). One member of each group will email me on the 18thto give an update on the progress of your group. Before the presentations you will also be asked to evaluate the level of participation of each member of your group.

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