Decade After the Ending of The War of 1812 Essay

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this is a online essay exam for US history it has a time limit of 2 hours

I can provide you with the log in information. the exam is going to have one of these 3 possible prompts to write about

The possible prompts are below.

What was the market revolution?Though very different in many ways, how were cotton plantations in the South and factories in the North either expressions or manifestations of the market revolution?

The decade after the ending of the War of 1812 witnessed both national unity and sectional tension.In what ways were these feelings expressed, and what pieces of legislation or policies provide excellent examples of these opposing forces?Explain.

Why were the annexation of Texas and the invasion of Mexico so controversial at the time?Did these territorial acquisitions – and that of Oregon – represent a departure (in method or intent) from earlier acquisitions?Explain.

must be 600 words or more

the quiz is due tomorrow at 6:00 PM Texas timing

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