WCWP10B University California San Diego Food Insecurity Assignment

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**Approximately 2 pages. PLEASE NO fancy words or long sentences. Everything should be concise!!**

Write your own annotated bibliography based on three sources (readings and/or films) that will help you evaluate the GFI for this project. At least one of your sources must be the UC GFI from week 1. You may choose your other two annotations from those we have watched/read so far.

Attached is my schedule of assignment. You will get a taste of what this series of essay is about. Basically it’s about food insecurity.

You should include:

A paragraph about the concise summary of your 3 sources. What do they argue about? What are the thesis and main points? For example: According to author X, ________

A paragraph about how to use the source in your project. What part of your sources would you use? What is the strength and weakness? For example: I can use this source to evaluate the GFI by______________.

Here are your sources:

The GFI is a must and is attached.

Choose any two:

1. Watson et al., Food Literacy. Attached

2. Holt-Giminez – Food Security Justice Sovereignty. Attached

3. https://theconversation.com/to-cut-costs-college-students-are-buying-less-food-and-even-going-hungry-47975

Let me know ASAP if you have any questions. Thanks

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