BUS100 Strayer Tesla Motors Inc. SWOT Analysis Business Case Study

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BUS 100 Introduction to Business

Oral Presentation

Requirements and Grading Rubric

(15% of your total grade)

Managers have to learn to assess their company’s fit with the environment.Your oral presentation will be a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis of a company of your choice. The company can be large or small with any form of ownership. You may use a company you work for or have researched but it must be an existing company not a business idea. Please be watching the news for interesting companies.

In your oral presentation you will present a SWOT analysis of a company.Your presentation should be no more than 10 minutes in length. (Practice it to be sure of your timing…)To help keep you to the time limit, please follow the guideline below.

You will be asked to sign up for a presentation day before the mid-semester break. The presentation days are noted on the syllabus. You must present on your chosen date. You will be assigned a date if you fail to sign up for one. If you are not ready or are not in attendance on your appointed presentation day, you may earn a zero for this assignment. (There is no partial credit for an emailed presentation and you will not be given a make-up date unless you have a medical excuse that can be documented to the instructor’s satisfaction.)

The following points must be addressed in the presentation:

1.What is the company’s name/ revenue for the previous fiscal year/ form of ownership (i.e. corporation, LLC) If the company is publicly traded, please include the market capitalization of the company (the value of all outstanding shares of stock) (Slide 1)

2.Referring to page 164 of your textbook, list at least 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses (Slide 2)

3.Referring to page 164 of your textbook, list at least 5 opportunities and 5 threats (Slide 3)

4.In your informed opinion, explain which opportunity is most significant for the company and why is this opportunity the most significant. (Slide 4)

6.Identify at least five sources (books, interviews, articles, etc.) other than the company Web site for the information you present (Slide 5)

I am looking for you to be analytical and start thinking and talking like a business person. (I have suggested that you organize the PowerPoint presentation into no more than 5-7 slides so that you will stay within the 10-minute time limit.)

Grading Rubric:

90-100 Exceptional








No credit

Addresses all questions above. Well researched.PowerPoint strongly supported presentation.

Presentation was:


engaging, informative.

Five or more excellent sources identified.

Addresses most of the questions above.

PowerPoint adequately supported presentation.

Presentation was articulate and informative.

Some good sources are identified.

Addresses at least half of the questions above.

PowerPoint needs some work to help you convey your key points.

Presentation needs some revising to make it more effective.

Some sources are identified.

Addresses less than half of the questions above.

PowerPoint needs significant work to help you convey your ideas.

Three weak sources are identified.

Failure to deliver presentation on any presentation day (even if

PowerPoint was emailed to instructor).

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