Obesity Research Paper

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Analyze the Problem

What is the problem?


2) Analyze the problem.

a) What is the history or background, the facts? With Obesity?

b) What are the effects or consequences of this problem (negative and positive)? With Obesity?

c) What individuals, groups, organizations, social institutions are involved? With Obesity?

d) What values, beliefs, norms, and issues by whom are involved? With Obesity?

e) What are the causes of the problem? With Obesity?

f) Which sociological perspectives best explains your problem? With Obesity?

g) What solution(s) are proposed by whom (individuals, groups, ideologies, perspectives)? Which causes are addressed? Which are not? With Obesity?

g) What solution(s) have been tried already? What solutions work? With Obesity?

3) Summarize and take a personal position What conclusion(s) can you draw about the problem? Obesity? What are your own reactions now that you’ve analyzed it? What do you think would be the best solution? Why?

Your work needs to address all the questions but needs to be in one cohesive document of between 2-4 pages. I do not want to see a Q and A document. You must cite sources you use outside using APA citation. A Research Paper on the Problem. 1000 words, not to exceed 1200, double spaced & works cited.

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