revisit portfolio philosophy and write analysis of portfolios.

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Please revisit your portfolio philosophy from the beginning of the semester.


You can find datas of these 3 stocks on intetnet. Please use the newest data!

And I’ll give you my report I wrote about these 3 stocks at the beginning of the semester.(File.)

Address the following points:

1.Have your portfolio and its performance been appropriate for your philosophy?

2.Which risks did you overestimate, and which risks did you underestimate?

3.Describe your best-performing investment and explain why it performed well.

4.Repeat for your worst-performing investment.

5.Given what you have learned in the class, how would your approach change?

Some examples of What I learned:

HPR,MWR,YTM,IRR,standard deviation

Utility Theory,Risk Preference,Indifference Curve,Efficient Frontier,

CAL,CML,SCL, Single Factor Model,Multi Factor Model, Fama-French Model, CAPM Model.


Or you can use any other knowledge from Invest Analysis.

You need to complete all of these above tasks !

Please base on my portfolio report I wrote at the beginning of semester (About Feb.1st),and compare datas of these 3 portfolios between the beginning of semester and right now or recently.(April.8-15th).

You need to show charts,tables or any other types of datas in paper and analyze !!

And please give all the references you used.(Including websites.)

This summary should be about 2-3 pages, double-spaced, font size 12.

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