Virginia Commonwealth American Prison System Argumentative Essay

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Part I

For Paper #4/5 you will write a researched argument essay that addresses an issue related to the U.S. Judicial and/or prison system. Think about the documentary films we’ve watched (Into the Abyss, 13th, etc.), about any direct or indirect experiences you may have had, any discussions you may have engaged in (in personal as well as academic settings), any material you may have read (in and out of school) – including the readings I assigned. Decide on a topic that interests you, and devise a corresponding issue. The issue should be sufficiently complex – something debatable.

Your paper shall be 10 pages, typed, double-spaced. It shall include proper source citations (in-text citations, work cited page).

Part II

Visual Essay – Select 5 images that represent your perception of the U. S. Judicial and/or prison system. Assemble these into a 1-page collage. Accompany your collage of images with a 1-2 paragraph discussion of the ‘story’ your visual text/visual compilation tells.

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