Critical Appraisal Research

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Critical Appraisal
Main point and purpose
The purpose of this assignment is to write a critical analysis of a research article.
Pattern and procedure
Use the article: Cooke, M., Moyle, W., Shum, D., Harrison, S., & Murfield, J. (2010). A randomized controlled trial exploring the effect of music on quality of life and depression in older people with dementia. Journal of Health Psychology, 15(5), 765-776.

⦁ Review your answers to Week 4’s questions and your instructor’s comments on your work.
⦁ Remember that you are writing a critique which points out the positive and negative points of the research. Re-read Chapter 18 and the two critiques in your textbook.
⦁ Often, it is easiest to summarize and critique at the same time. For example, after describing that the researchers used a power analysis to estimate the sample size, you would comment that a power analysis was a very good way to estimate the sample size of the research study.
⦁ If the researchers did not give the validity and reliability scores for the data collection instruments, add the comment that this was a negative point or a limitation in the research study.
⦁ Write an introduction and conclusion for your paper. I realize that you may repeat yourself in the introduction and conclusion by saying, “In this paper, I will ( I did) critique the article…”. However, it is good practice to tell your readers what you are going to do, and then tell them what you have done.
⦁ Write a short summary of your PICO question and how you found your article.
⦁ Don’t worry if the article your are critiquing has many flaws, even if you know the intervention is evidence-based. You are critiquing one research study out of many that may or may not support the intervention.
⦁ Your exact comments will vary with the type of article you use. If you think that the researcher did a good job in selecting the sample, you will need to describe why you think so. Remember that an analysis can be positive as well as negative.
⦁ Prior to your conclusion, state whether you think the research study answered your PICO question. You will not be penalized if you decide that your research article did not answer your question.
⦁ Format the paper in APA style with a title page and a reference page. Use 1″ margins, a running header, page numbers, and correct in-text citations.
Standards and criteria
You will need to have a double-spaced paper with a title page and APA formatting. This is a formal paper unlike the other assignments. Please include a reference page. There will probably be only one item on the reference page unless you cite the textbook. You will need to give your PICO question and the applicability of the research study to your PICO question.

Introduction and conclusion to the critical appraisal of the article – 2 pts
Critique of the research article – 14 pts
Grammar, spelling – 1 pts
Appropriate quoting or paraphrasing of text from the articles – 1 pt
PICO question included and applicability of the research study to your PICO question – 1 pt
Appropriate APA in-text citations, reference list citations, and headings (if used) – 1 pts
20 pts total

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