Celtic Women Tir na Nog Music Gaelic Culture Lyrics Analysis

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Choose any song. Listen to it several times in a row, even if you have previously heard it.

2. Read the lyrics carefully and critically through the lens of intercultural communication.

3. Write a critique of the lyrics following these guidelines:

  • Your analysis should be 3-4 pages in length (not including a title page and a works cited page).
  • Follow the directions in the “Formatting Your Essays and Paper” document.
  • Write an introduction. Include the song title, artist, and the year when the song was released. Also, describe the song’s genre.
  • Include the song lyrics word-for-word, which you should be able to locate on the internet. The lyrics do not count as part of your 3-4 pages.
  • Interpret the cultural implications of the song lyrics and analyze the significance of the patterns you identify. Support your reasoning with information from the textbook. Consider the questions grouped by textbook chapter below.( I have attached the questions. You are not required to answer all of the questions.
  • Cite the textbook at least four times.(I have attached a copy of the book pdf). Give page numbers when citing or referencing concepts from the textbook.

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