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Please use your textbook Ethics in Health Administration: A Practical Approach for Decision Makers, read: Chapter 2, “Autonomy,” pages 31–50, Chapter 3, “Nonmaleficience and Beneficence,” pages 53–71, and Chapter 4, “Justice,” pages 73–89.

Follow APA guidelines to cite and reference all of your resource materials in your work

Watch video voices of Integrity and listen to the interview with Randall Kilgore:

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics. (Producer). (2014). Rebecca Kukla on autonomy (video on you tube)

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics. (Producer), (2014). Introduction to Bioethics: Bioethics & Justice (video on YouTube)

1.Autonomy, Beneficence, Nonmaleficence- Post need to be 300-800 words.

Share an example of an ethical management challenge that might come up in one of the categories of autonomy from your textbook, as well as a challenge related to beneficence, and a challenge related to nonmaleficence. Briefly explain why each might occur, and describe an approach a health care manager might take to resolve them.

2. Applying the Principle of Justice –Post need to be 300-800 words.

As you have learned in this studies, there are many aspects of the ethical principle of justice that must be recognized and successfully dealt with in health care management. You saw examples and perspectives on applying the principle of justice in leadership practice in areas of patient justice, staff justice, and market justice. You also considered the principle of distributive justice.

Select and describe a health care management position in any area of the health care system. It can be a sector in which you have experience, or one you would like to enter or further explore (for instance, for-profit, nonprofit, government or regulatory agency, specific department ER Department).

-Identify and discuss one area of justice as it might apply to the duties and responsibilities of those in management in that specific setting.

-Describe an example of a potential ethical issue and recommend actions for proactive prevention as well as resolution after the fact.

-Connect your ideas back to the ethical theories studied in Unit 1.

-Directly refer to your studies and outside research in your writing to help explain and back up your personal ideas, insights, and opinions.

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