Develop and defend a close out strategy assignment

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Develop and defend the close out strategy your team used to assure the optimal transition from project to operations. Present this strategy in a 500-800-word narrative. Follow APA standards, double spaced, 12 pt. font. Cite creditable references as needed to support and defend your strategy.


This project is a result of a companywide employee survey that pointed out that the employees want to lose weight. The business issue that the project is planning to address is to improve employee performance simply by enabling them to gain the best fitness level needed to lead a healthy lifestyle.


The overall project approach will entail creating and implementing a weight training program for the company’s employees. Within a one-month period, a training plan will have been prepared. Afterwards, employees will be required to attend the weight training program for a period of five months. A competition will be created where the top five employees who lose the most weight will be acknowledged in the company’s newsletter and advertised through the local media.

Project Scope


The employee weight reduction project is a project intended in enabling 1200 employees to be able to lose weight within a six-month period. The project will commence with the preparation of a weight training planner. Afterward, training equipment that are intended to enable employees to lose weight will be leased for a six-month period. Thirdly, two trainers will be hired. Lastly, training will be carried out for the six-month duration period. In addition to these activities, a diet program will be prepared to ensure employees are eating healthy with caloric restriction to prevent weight gain. The budget for the employee weight training program is $10,000


  • A training plan should be ready within a one-month period.
  • Training equipment and 2 trainers would be available within the first week of the second month
  • Training should commence within the second week of month 2
  • Employees should lose at least 5% of their current weight at the end of the weight training program.

Project completion criteria:

  • Whether the project deadline was met
  • Whether the project was on budget
  • Whether the least amount of weight lost by employees is 5% of the weight prior to attending the training program


Employees are expected to attend the weight training program for a period of 1 hour, even when they are on a shift that does not require them to show up at work at that time. Secondly, training will be outdoors just outside company offices to eliminate the need for a training facility. Lastly, all 1200 employees will be expected to adhere to the training program.


  • Preparation of a training program
  • Leasing of training equipment
  • Hiring of a trainer
  • Training of employees


  • Preparation of a diet plan to lose weight
  • Follow up ensure adherence to the diet plan


List major deliverables and system features that are part of the project along with a description of each.



Training plan prepared

  • A training plan will highlight exercises that employees will do in order to lose weight.

Training equipment leased

  • Equipment for aerobic training exercises will be leased from an outside company
  • Training to commences on week 2 of month 2
  • Employees are expected to lose at least 5% of their current weight

Training of employees

Improved employee fitness

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