ENGL1102 Drama Article Summary Galileo

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Drama article summary

Deadline: April 14th, by 11:59 PM

Search GALILEO for articles related to your chosen play, or a theme within the play. Then choose an article to summarize.

For the summary, write a 1 page discussion of the main ideas from that article, and how you intend to use the article as evidence for the arguments you will make in your essay(**an essay will be my next assignment).

Be sure to include the full citation (provided in GALILEO) on the works cited page of the document. For any direct quotations or paraphrased information in your summary, be sure to use an in-text citation. (*the citation are listed below)


(Brazilian National Standards)


KADER MUTLU. Racism in Othello. Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Araştırmaları Dergisi, [s. l.], n. 2, p. 134, 2013. Disponível em:

. Acesso em: 14 abr. 2019.


(American Medical Assoc.)

Reference List

kader mutlu. Racism in Othello. Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Araştırmaları Dergisi. 2013;(2):134. doi:10.7596/taksad.v2i2.243.

Format the document with all required MLA headings. Please see the attachment of the article I choose from Galileo and the topic to relate this discussion to is “Othello –discuss the theme of race”. This is the topic I choose to write my essay on which is due next week, but I must 1st write a 1 page discussion summarizing an article from Galileo in reference to the topic I chose to write my essay about.

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