Bartolomé de las Casas Discussion History Assignment

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Online Discussion 2/ Directions: Please use your textbook to answer the discussion questions. You are required to solely use your textbook and slides for Chapter 2. No other outside sources are required to answer the questions. The more details and examples you use to write your responses, the more points you will likely get. You are graded on the originality of your response, the depth, and critical thinking you bring to the discussion. Be sure responses are in your own words, and your own work. Originality is important, and I implore you not to copy the text verbatim from the text. If you do, please be sure to cite the source and page number if it is from the textbook, as I have done in Research Assignment 1 sample. Please have a look at the Online Discussion Sample(s) shared in Pages. Responses should be a minimum of at least 500 words (it’s okay to go over the word limit).

Online Discussion 2:

*Who was Bartolomé de las Casas? Why was he important to the indigenous people?

*Please describe how and why Tenochtitlan became so important to Spanish conquerors How would you contrast this to other conquest described in Chapter 2? How does this tie into the crusading mentality employed by the Spanish?

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