misjudging a person or situation

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Hello, this assignment is a 300 word (2-3 paragraph assignment) – full page, double spaced, that needs to be written in MLA format:

the assignment is an essay about the following topic:

” Think of a time when your social expectations led you to misjudge a person or the situation. Discuss strategies for improving your critical thinking skills so that this is less likely to happen in the future. Explain how social errors and biases impede critical thinking.

grading will be based on this rubric, please make sure you follow it properly:

“Originality and Thoughtfulness

______ (0-3 pts) Are your responses original, and not just regurgitated ideas? Do they show unique thought? Are you giving careful consideration to the questions asked or are your responses superficial and rushed?


______(0-3 pts) Are your responses factually accurate, i.e. are you correctly applying key concepts and terminology? Do your responses show that you’ve actually done the readings and engaged with other assigned media? Do you include at least two key terms from the chapter?

Composition, Spelling, and Grammar

______ (0-2 pts):Is your language clear and precise college-level writing?Are you using correct terminology?Did you proofread your writing carefully?Do your responses meet the minimum length requirement?

Text Citations”______ (0-2pts): Did you include at least two citations from the textbook? Do they support the idea or concept that you are referencing from the text? Does it follow MLA format, i.e. (Boss, 76)? Format –> (author, page #)

Total (out of 10 points)”

It would be awesome if you can use and cite this book in the assignment. Not a must but it would make the assignment way stronger: the book is – “critical thinking and logic skills for everyday life by judith A. Boss”

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