Jing Ke Ancient Person Writing Assignment

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Please use the simple language and write the Chinese ancient person named Jing Ke. Please write approximately 450-500 words, with three precise and succinct paragraphs. First paragraph should be briefly singling out their similarities and differences. Then, use the second to indicate how and why you find a particular story to be most revealing and intricate in enabling you to understand the theme and to appreciate Chinese culture. Be sure to establish your criteria to make your evaluation valid and persuasive. Third paragraph is on what kind of life lessons you learn from such a story. • Objective: Write a cogent argument on a clearly defined, focused topic, rating or comparing the stories over the two-week period. • Content: Please begin by highlighting your reasons for choosing a favorite story: “Which story is on your top list among the five to six we have just read?” o Then, dwell on main argument, with supporting textual evidence. Contrasting the text with another story will help make your point. o (**Please Note: No Cut and Paste Plagiarism. No long quotes. No personal background, historical or biographical data, or story retelling.) • 500-word entry written in this order: o 150 words about the stories read over the two weeks, teasing out their similarities and differences; o 250 words on how/why one story stands out according to your criteria (such as narrative structure, magnitude of character, gender and social issues, moral agency, psychological or spiritual depth, and so forth); o 50-100 words regarding life lessons or what makes the story almost permanent or at least still relevant.

Below are the files you will be use in this essay, please carefully read those and write down the essay. PLEASE USE THE SIMPLE LANGUAGE!!!!!

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