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This will be an in depth audit of Ferrari’s commitment to sustainable practices as stated by the company. You will follow three major areas: 1) technology, 2) shareholder relations, 3) environmental sustainability that the company claims they are using sustainable practices. You will then do research and review news, cases and/or opposition to the company that proves or disproves those claims by reviewing their actual performance through writing a research paper. ATTACHED IS A FILE CALLED “THE SOCIAL AUDITING PROCESS” THAT IS A ESSENTIAL!! GUIDE TO HELPING WRITE THIS PAPER. WHEN RESEARCHING FOR FERRARI, REFERENCE MATERIALS FROM BEGINNING OF 2018-2019. BUT IF YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT SOME BACKGROUND INFO, THEN IT IS FINE TO REFERENCE OLDER STUFF.

You will be provided the textbook for this class, as well as a link to the online portal for this class (which contains lots of info). You will HAVE TO do research, but I will attach files, news, cases, opposition, and more that I find. DO NOT BID ON THIS ASSIGNMENT IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND ALL OF THIS!

Must be 12-point font, double spaced, with PROPER APA Citation and a bibliography!

Here are some research links to begin:






Here is the link to the online portal for my class that I mentioned:

Login to website: https://identity.maine.edu/cas/login?service=https…

Good luck!!!

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