IT Policy Security and Privacy of Users Discussion Response

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I’ve provided 2 discussions below that need to be responded. This week’s assignment is the following:’Draft an IT policy to protect the security and privacy of users of websites that collect personal information to make buying recommendations. The policy should be about 3 paragraphs’.

Discussion1-)Information is collected in a few different ways. The reason is to ensure accuracy, efficiency and most of all, a personable experience. Your personal information may be collected for the following uses, but not limited to creating an account with our site, help customize your experience by suggesting items during your searches.

Information may also be used when ordering and purchasing items to expedite the process. By verifying information we’ve already obtained from you, this will give us added assurance and security of your personal information. We will never ask for your full SSN number. Only the last 4 digits. You may be asked to verify your email address or even provide an answer to a security question.

Information obtained is for internal use only. Captcha may be used at times to ensure security and prohibit any possible hacking. Information will never be given. You will always be prompted to change your password once information is verified.

Discussion2-)This privacy policy serves to provide an overview of how data is collected, what data is maintained, and the manner in which the data is utilized. Data as a whole refers to all of the pieces of information that are acquired through a users usage of this web page. Data can be obtained in a variety of ways on this site such as through the use of cookies, through completed transactions, or through account creation.

During interaction with this web page we may capture information relating to purchases that have been completed as well as search history that was utilized. Additionally, links that are clicked through or forums that are read may be captured and maintained. We may also utilize the data stored on user account profiles or the information added as a result of a guest checkout.

The data that is captured is used in a variety of ways to improve the user experience. We will utilize many of the pieces of information to provide a more complete experience while completing a transaction or searching for items on this website. Based on search history, we will provide additional recommended items to be purchased during a transaction. We will also utilize search history details to attempt to provide a more targeted series of results for the user. Lastly, information utilized on the user account or guest checkouts will allow us to provide location specific recommendations to identify any trends in the area that we can keep you in front of.

We understand that your data privacy is of the utmost importance and as such have provided several features to assist in putting your mind at ease. All users who have an account setup with the website will have the ability to disable specific points of information from being captured while utilizing the site. This preference will be maintained and saved for all future use. Additionally, users without an account will be able to utilize the settings section and choose to not share their data for that individual sessions.

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