Young Drivers on Rural Two Lanes in Iowa Between 2010 and 2014 Paper

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My paper is about younger drivers (14-20 years old) on rural two-lanes in IOWA State USA between 2010-2014.

The data is from IOWA. Also, I used both of ArcGIS or SAS to obtain my specific topic that I chose.

1- consider the data obtained via either ArcGIS or SAS( attached) . Submit a minimum of 20 observations (# them individually) about these data, providing commentary regarding them, e.g., are these results expected or unexpected, do particular aspects of the results stand out as odd, etc.(e.g. = for example…so, these are suggestions and not the limit of what you can comment on) Provide graphics (tables, charts, maps) that illustrate your commentary /observations.Speculate beyond the limits of your data as to, for example, whether younger or older driver results would be what you would expect for the general population.

2- Submit a minimum of 5 summary or concluding thoughts regarding your efforts and provide some discussion as to the implications of the results – implications for traffic safety, for example.

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