World of Zuul

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Super Text Adventure :: Possibility is Infinity!

Starting from the World of Zuul example provided (zuul-with-enums-v2), craft your own text adventure.

Fork the project from: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Mandatory features:

  • Every class must have a meaningful javadoc class header with appropriate text and updated @author and @version directives
  • Every method must have a meaningful javadoc method comment with appropriate directives (@param, @return, @throws, etc.)
  • The javadoc for your project must be generated and in the doc directory in your project directory
  • There must be a main method for the game class that allows the game to be run outside of BlueJ
    • (The game can still be invoked from within BlueJ by instantiating the Game class and invoking play() method)
  • Your map must contain at least 15 rooms, though it may contain more if you wish

Everyone must
– add the look command to your game (p 303)

8.15 (p 303) – add another command, ie eat with a simple text response

8.16 (p 305) – Streamline printing of available commands

8.20/8.21 (p 308) – add items to your game. Each room can have one item in it. Items have description and weight. When printing room info, Item should be included

8.22 (p 308)- make it so rooms can hold multiple items

8.23 (p 309,310) – implement the back command (back one room)
8.26 – implement the go back many rooms version of the command command (back repeatedly retraces your steps)

8.28-8.33 (p 314) –add a Player that can carry one or more objects according to the options presented

Time limit

one way trap door

charged transporter (beamer)

locked doors and keys

random transporter (discuss with others about implementation)

non-player characters with clues/items for trade

make npc’s move

rudimentary health system

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