A. LocateReport:… 1 answer below »

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A. LocateReport:UseyourknowledgeofUNIX/Linuxtolocatethetps-report-02102016.txtfile.Openit,takeascreenshotoftheTPSReport ID, and paste the screenshothere:

B. CopyReport: Onceyouhavelocatedthe tps-report-02102016.txtfile,copyitfromwhereyoufound itintoyourhomedirectoryintoa new directory you create labeled TPS-Reports (copy, not move). Do not change the name of the TPSReport.

C. Overwrite Report:Overwrite the incorrect report with the updated report with an end result of there only being a single correct report (no duplicates). Once you have taken care of the issue, copy (not move) the newly corrected TPS Report into your home directory (TPS-Reports directory).

D. Verify Copies:Verify the TPS Reports that you have copied into your home directory (TPS-Reports directory) by printing both reports’ contents to your console and verify that everything looks good with no odd characters or error messages. Take a screenshot of the report outputs and paste the screenshothere:

Work Verification:Take a screenshot (or multiple screenshots if needed) that captures the output of the pwd and history commands. Paste these screenshots here:

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