Breathing treatments via Hand held nebulizer

Breathing treatments via Hand held nebulizer



NURS 110 Teaching Plan Scenario EXAMPLE (Enter title here)


Ms. Patricia Patterson an 89 year old client was recently diagnosed with Pneumonia and will require a Home Health nurse to provide daily IV antibiotics via her CVAD. She has a PICC in her right upper arm. She will require extensive teaching.


She is 5 4 and weighs 92lbs. She has been a Smoker and has a 30 pack ear histor , and currently smokes 15 cigarettes per day. She has been diagnosed with COPD, Atrial fibrillation, CHF, HTN, and Osteoporosis, CAD and had a Myocardial infarction 5 years ago and had a cardiac stent placed in the RCA. Her Ejection Fraction (EF) is 30%. She has fallen twice in the last 2 years, but has not broken anything. She lives at home in a two bedroom apartment on second floor with her daughter who is in her 50 s and her granddaughter who is in her 30 s.

Needs Assessment

She will need a significant amount of teaching regarding her pneumonia, SOB, Medications, Breathing treatments via Hand held nebulizer, Postural drainage and breathing exercises, CVAD/PICC line care, Safety in her environment, fall risks, and diet. She is very nervous about her diagnosis and wants to know why this happened and how she can prevent it. She is willing to learn as much as she can and her daughter and granddaughter are also willing to learn and help. She states he has learned best in the past by watching videos, discussions and doing hands on things. She has poor eyesight and wears reading glasses and a hearing aid. She is worried about the tubes sticking out of her arm. She really wants to get better and resume her normal lifestyle as quickly as possible. She enjoys Bingo and walks her dog in the morning and evening short distances. She has noticed in the preceding weeks she is SOB after about 20 feet of walking and can barely make it up her 8 stairs. She uses a single cane to help her balance. Ms. Patterson is a widow and completed 9th grade and has a 5th grade reading level.

Learning Style

Ms. Patricia Patterson stated she prefers to utilize paper format materials to learn and educate herself. She said she usually reads newspapers and pamphlets and enjoys looking at picture demonstrations. She is not technologically savvy, therefore does not own a computer or tablet device. Etc

Readiness of the Learner


Goal Development





Learning Outcomes


Teaching Content


Instructional Methods


Time and Resources




















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