Bible Study Preparation Assignment Title Page, Source List, Intro and Thesis, and Citations The purpose of Bible

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Bible Study Preparation Assignment                                                                                      Title Page, Source List, Intro and Thesis, and Citations

The purpose of Bible Study Preparation Assignment is to prepare the student to submit the New Testament Bible Study Assignment by providing all initial formatting components:

1. Title Page2. Preliminary Source List3. Introduction and Thesis Statement4. Citations

All the material in the Bible Study Preparation Assignment will be included in the New Testament Bible Study Assignment.

For this assignment, you will submit one document under the assignment submission link: title page (1 page), introduction with thesis statement and citations (1 page), and preliminary source list (1 page). This assignment is worth 100 points.

Part ONE: Exploring Resources

You will want to familiarize yourself with the template provided for the New Testament Bible Study Assignment, as well as the provided samples and writing style tutorials available on the Online Writing Center.These excellent resources provide much of the information and help you will need to complete the Bible Study Preparation Assignments.

Part TWO: Choosing a Topic

Choose from the following three passage options which biblical narrative most interests you for your New Testament Bible Study Assignment:

• Matthew 15:32-39• John 5:1-17• John 14:1-12

Part THREE: Creating a Title Page/Initial Information

Choosing the academic formatting style of your degree program (A.P.A., M.L.A, or Turabian), create and submit a Title Page for your paper. Your title page must identify your chosen academic style and your chosen topic with the following statement at the top of the title page: (please fill in the blanks):

“For the New Testament Bible Study Assignment, I will be using ______________formatting style (choose one: Turabian, A.P.A., or M.L.A.), and my chosen passage is ______________________ (choose one: Matthew 15:32-39, John 5:1-17, or John 14:1-12).”

NOTE: If your style of choice is MLA, please include the appropriate initial information in the top left corner of the first page of content.

Part FOUR: Researching and Writing

A. Choosing the academic formatting style of your degree program, create and submit a Source List for your paper. In addition to a Bible of your choice, The Inquisitive Christand Everyday Bible Study, acquire at least three (3) outside scholarly sources to support your conclusions on your chosen passage. Please consider this a preliminary list, as these may be adjusted as you continue to write and research for the New Testament Bible Study Assignment. You may not use unpublished websites or blogs. You may choose from scholarly journals, texts, and commentaries. You will find excellent options for scholarly sources through the BIBL 110 Research Guide.B. Craft an Introduction paragraph for your chosen passage. Be sure that this paragraph addresses the major points that will be explored in your template-based New Testament Bible Study Assignment. Conclude the introductory paragraph with a clear and concise Thesis Statement that conveys the overall emphasis of your New Testament Bible Study Assignment. C. Choosing the academic formatting style of your degree program, incorporate at least two (2) Citations from scholarly sources within your introductory paragraph as an exampleof how to support your content from the three required outside sources (not Bible or course texts).

NOTE: The Rawlings School of Divinity incorporates Turabian style. However, you are welcome to choose the citation format of the academic style best corresponding to your degree program. Refer to the “Course Policies” in the course syllabus for the formatting expectations in this course.

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