ASU Health & Medical Contributing Factors to a Strategic Plan Paper

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Contributing Factors to a Strategic Plan

 review Chapters 7, 8, and 9 from our textbook along with the instructor guidance. Additionally, review following resources:

Download and review the required Contributing Factors to a Strategic Plan Edit Download Contributing Factors to a Strategic Plantemplate. You must use this template to complete your assignment.

Legislation, Regulations & Policies (Links to an external site.)

Top Ten Issues in Health Law 2021 (Links to an external site.)

Healthcare Regulations: Who Does What? (Links to an external site.)

The Joint Commission E-dition standards manual

Written directions for accessing the Joint Commission E-dition (Links to an external site.) standards manual

Video directions for accessing the Joint Commission E-dition (Links to an external site.) standards manual

Strategic planning in a health care organization requires leadership to incorporate many factors. For example, they must consider state and federal laws and regulations as well as having comprehensive knowledge about the competition, financial resources and revenue streams, the organization’s patient mix, and have a good understanding of the scope of their own employees. Health care leaders are responsible for gathering data and creating a strategic plan. They are also responsible for guiding the organization in achieving the goals identified in the plan.

use the Contributing Factors to a Strategic Plan Download Contributing Factors to a Strategic Plantemplate to address the following:

Analyze at least two ways federal and state regulations can limit the strategic plan’s goals for a health care organization. You may choose topics from the list below or other topics you locate through research. If you locate other topics not listed below, you must get permission from your instructor to use the topic:

Behavioral health

Certificate of Need (CoN) or similar state requirements (expansion of buildings and services, number of beds, etc.)

  • Civil rights, racial equity, and cultural competency in health care

Environmental requirements

Fraud and abuse laws

HIPAA (patient privacy and portability of health care insurance)

  • HITECH Act (information collection and security)

Medication guides and new releases or removals of pharmaceutical products

Partnerships with other organizations

Patient and insurance billing requirements (e.g., physician fee schedule in Medicare Part B, value-based care, etc.)

  • Patient safety standards (located in the Joint Commission E-dition)

Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act

Stark Law (anti-kickback)

Telehealth regulations and payment limitations

  • OSHA (workplace safety)

Identify two ways in which licensed health care providers contribute to the direction of a health care organization’s strategic plans.

Provide rationale for each method of contribution.

  • Examine financial incentives and reward systems for attaining or exceeding objectives.

Who should receive financial incentives when the expected outcomes are achieved or exceeded?

  • How can employees who do not receive financial incentives be rewarded for their contributions to the successful outcomes of the strategic planning goals?

Discuss at least two management actions that could be taken when organization-wide and functional objectives are not achieved. This can apply to an individual leader, to a small team, or to an entire department.

Provide rationale for each management action identified.

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