Art history ( 75 words or more) and bibliography

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Write a paragraph summary of your paper topic [75 word minimum] and turn in a bibliography of your reference sources in MLA format.

Summary of the topic:

In your final paper you will be comparing and contrasting any two artworks that fall under a time period we have studied or will study in this class. UNIT 1. 40,000 BCE -23,000 BCE UNIT 2. 35,000 BCE – 636 CE UNIT 3. 3,500 BCE – 30 BCE UNIT 4. 3,000 BCE – 500 BCE UNIT 6. 500 BCE -100 CE UNIT 7. 753 BCE- 337 CE… PLEASE.. THE DATES ARE VERY IMPORTANT, BOTH ARTWORKS NEED TO BE WITHIN THOSE DATES. When choosing which two artworks to compare and contrast keep in mind that your task may be simpler if both artworks have something in common. For example, you might choose two artworks that depict the same subject but are from different time periods, or two artworks that were made in the same time period by different artists.

Once you have chosen your topic you will, in one paragraph, summarize your final paper including the title and a short description of your topic [75 words or more.] Writing a short summary of your final paper topic will help you organize your ideas and explain the subject clearly. Here, for example, is a topic that would be appropriate for the Survey Two section of this course:

‘I will be researching the similarities and differences between Ugolino da Siena’s “Last Supper” (1339) and Salvador Dali’s “The Sacrament of the Last Supper”(1955). I am interested in how the same Christian biblical story is interpreted differently by artists who are separated by nearly 700 years. The artists’ depictions differ in choice of medium, the way in which the figure is represented, compositional design elements, and the use of symbolism such as halos, color, and patterning. The story depicted may be the same but I will explore how the message differs greatly between these paintings as a result of the cultural ideas of the respective time periods.”


Your bibliography must contain 3 or more sources and be in MLA format. At least two sources have to be scholarly articles or books other than the textbook.


  • Ask a librarian for help finding sources and writing a bibliography.
  • Ask the writing center for help finding sources and writing a bibliography.
  • Choose something you are actually interested in. I can help you with this.
  • Refer to the example I have attached.


  • All writing is coherent.
  • Your topic is relevant and clearly stated.
  • Sources are relevant.
  • Bibliography is in MLA format.
  • Bibliography contains 3 or more sources.


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