answer 2 question provide 2 sources

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For this assignment you will read the summary and answer the 2 question. Please respond with 100 words each. When you answer the questions please show reasoning, thinking and provide a college source for each response.Patrick


This weeks reading and video’s were about the near death experience and alien abductions. The first video was about near death experiences and what people “saw” and “heard” during these events of near death experiences. To best explain the video, the video crew interview many people including Pam Reynolds who went on to explain her near death experience during brain surgery where she claimed she herd the doctor talking about her veins and even saw the shape of the bone saw used to cut her skull open, Pam went into many details that she should not of known because she was legally dead for this operation that was over an hour. The second video was about alien abductions of people and what the could “remember” hearing and seeing the aliens doing to their bodies. One person in the video claimed that the aliens took his sperm and made children from it, and that they were doing this over many times over the years. One women in the video claimed that not only her but her entire family had seen the aliens from her daughter, her son, and even her husband. In this weeks reading of Shermer’s book, he too talked of near death experiences and alien abductions, even saying he had an alien encounter. When talking about the near death experiences Shermer went on to explain the reason and expiations to why these event where happening, comparing the to the effects of LSD, stating that there is a part of the brain the does similar affects like LSD in the brain. When Shermer spoke of his alien encounter he told how it was on his cross country bike race he encountered these “aliens”, he went on to state of his lack of sleep and stress of the ride and pushing himself made him think the his crew that every rider has with them for the cross country ride was an alien that just happen to look like his crew. Shermer’s ideas are almost counter arguments to fit the videos assigned to watch, in the sense that he talked about the same ideas in each video, even mentioning some of the people seen in the videos. There is a blatant relation from Shermer’s book and the two videos.

2 Questions

1. Do you believe that the near death experiences are just hallucinations caused by the brain? why/ or why not?

2. What do you think about Shermer’s view on near death experiences, alien abductions, and even his over all comparison of these events to the witch accusations at the end of the required reading? Explain?

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