Analysis of Factors Related to the Head of the Nurses in the Implementation of Prevention and Control

Analysis of Factors Related to the Head of the Nurses in the Implementation of Prevention and Control















Infection Prevention and Control














The increasing urge for infection prevention and control in healthcare has led to the development of new technology for this purpose. These technologies have improved the situation and many infectious diseases have been prevented. Cross-contamination in hospitals is caused by contaminated devices which are believed that washing alone has been suboptimal and needs a backup with this new technology. Some of these technologies include; room cleaning records, fluorescent markers, antimicrobial markers, and antimicrobial textiles, and hand hygiene monitoring technology (Lin, 2020).

The facility staff can support the disinfection and cleaning through making water and detergents available in each room in the facility. They should put posters in each entry to urge people to clean and sterilize their crucial hands and their advantages. The staff as a stakeholder should also buy equipment that makes disinfection and cleaning faster like ultrasonic cleaners, washer-sanitizers, and washer-decontaminators (Chowdhary, Voss & Meis, 2016). Other stakeholders include the government which should ensure sufficient funds for the facility to allow them to purchase the required equipment. When the best equipment is used, it reduces the risk of infection and disease spread. Equipment issued by Non-governmental organizations as stakeholders should also be put in practice to ensure prevention and control of infections. Other stakeholders are the customers and should be educated about the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning and disinfection in disease and infection control and prevention (Hutahaean, Anggraini, & Nababan, 2019)

Using this technology in a health care facility can improve the quality of services aimed at the prevention and control of infectious diseases. Detecting those health care workers who do not adhere to the handwashing guidelines as they enter and exit patient areas will help in warning. This is to remind them that hand washing and disinfecting is the most essential way in disease prevention and control.



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