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I need help with a memo based on the following and discussing the items below, this should be at least 600 words:

Emma Harrison is the Director
of Student Advising for Kingston State University. She has 20 Student Advisors
working for her who handle approximately 4,000 student complaints and problems
per month. Each Student Advisor earns a monthly salary of $2,000, including
benefits. The number of student issues varies each month, and in the past year
has been as low as 2,750 per month and as high as 4,200 per month. Emma has
been complaining that 20 Advisors is not enough to handle the level of student
issues and that the problem will get worse as enrollment is expected to
increase. In a recent study conducted by Emma, she found that it takes a
well-trained Student Advisor approximately one hour to handle a student issue.
This time varies, of course, depending upon the severity of the student issue.
While Kingston State University realizes that 20 Student Advisors is not enough
when student issues number 4,200 per month; however, during months when student
issues total only 2,750, 20 Student Advisors can adequately handle the student
issues. The Administration, therefore, concludes that 20 Student Advisors is
adequate for the current enrollment and will not agree to hire additional
Student Advisors until enrollment numbers increase by at least 10%.

that each Student Advisor works an 8 hour day which includes two 15-minute
breaks. Further, assume that each month has 22 working days. In the most recent
month, June, the Student Advisors handled 3,950 student issues.

has asked you to review this situation to help her make the case to hire
additional Student Advisors.

In a
memo to Emma, discuss the following:

type of cost center SBU Kingston State University appears to consider the
Student Advising department.

Kingston State University uses the discretionary-cost method to implement cost
SBU’s, what is the budgeted cost for Student Advising for June?

Kingston State University uses the engineered-cost method to implement cost
SBU’s, what is the budgeted cost for Student Advising for June?

an argument for Emma to hire additional Student Advisors.

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