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Community Concerns

In your opinion, what are the most pressing and significant concerns facing communities today? Why do you think so? Respond to at least one of your classmates. How would a business’ community relations department address the concern that your classmate has posted? Support your reasoning with at least one quality reference.


Leonard Smith

Good morning,

In my opinion, the significant facing communities today is: Where ever I go I see new neighborhoods being built. Hundreds of new houses and developments everywhere you go. I have two concerns. One, with all the new constructions I have yet to see schools being built and I wonder where are all the children are going to go. Overflowing the classrooms, even more, providing poor education, overworking the teachers and not paying them what they are worth? Although I’m a sports fan I ask myself; how can and pro athlete make millions a dollars for one season, but we cannot pay our educators a decent salary? We push these children from grade to grade hoping they retain half the things they were thought, and then we wonder why we have semi-uneducated people running around. Our priorities in a whole are incredibly backward. I believe society is so wrapped up in making money and greed is taking over it is just never enough anymore. Everyone has an agenda, and everyone is thinking of themselves.

My second concern is while developing new houses and neighborhoods and destroying the little bit of green we have I ask where is the wildlife going? We are destroying the little bit of habitat they have and forcing them right into our backyards. On numeral occasions, I have seen a fox, deer, raccoons, rabbits and even possums right in my yard. ( I have my private zoo right in front of my house 🙂 ). Moreover, I must mention that I do not live in the country, yet I get to enjoy having animals looking into my window hoping I will open the door inviting them in for dinner.

Thank you for reading.


“Temperament and Project Management.” Please respond to the following:

  • Consider your results from the “Keirsey Temperament Sorter II.” What is your type?
  • Evaluate your personal orientation and identify which parts will be helpful to you in managing projects.
  • Identify which parts of your personal orientation will present a challenge to you when managing projects.


“Essential Skills for a Project Manager.” Please respond to the following:

  • Choose a famous leader in history (for example, Winston Churchill, George Washington, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Chairman Mao).
  • Identify the projects this person led.
  • Identify the attributes and skills they brought to their project management roles.
  • Evaluate those attributes and skills.

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